Deep Impact and Armageddon were competing films about a catastrophic global threat from space.  These “Dueling Movies” may represent the derivative nature of Hollywood blockbusters, but their timing was impeccable.  Deep Impact was still playing when Armageddon opened on June 30, 1998.  Meanwhile, a far more expensive installment began its run on the “Silver (Tsunami) Screen” the very next day.  Earth escaped destruction from the wayward meteors, but Skilled Nursing suffered devastating casualties as PPS bombarded the world of post-acute care.

The similarities between Hollywood and Healthcare extend further – both are highly sensitive to demographic trends and consumer preferences.  Cinema and Skilled Nursing were also hardest hit by the pandemic and share similar challenges on the road to recovery.  Both must deliver quality and value in facilities needing capital investment to remain relevant.  The target audiences may be different but share the desire to “stay home and chill” – Home & Community Based Theatre is here to stay.


Lights, Camera, Reimbursement! is an exhilarating voyage of self-discovery and absolution in the tradition of great Hollywood epics.  An engaging ensemble cast supports Skilled Nursing in its most challenging role as hero of a post-pandemic dystopia.

In a world of healthcare reform, will providers “exit stage left” or “take center stage”?  Will your facility be ready when the director calls “ACTION!”